What is Paint Dedusting? (DSP)

A little history

The “DSP” is a bodywork technique that requires a very specific know-how. The “DSP” techniques began to appear around 40 years ago in the workshops of the major car manufacturers. At that time, this technique was used at the end of the chain by bodybuilders to repair the small deformations of the sheet on new vehicles.

The technique

The DSP makes it possible to limit the immobilisation of a damaged vehicle and avoids filling and painting. It can repair several types of bumps on car bodies: door knocks, caddies, impacts of hail, pebbles …
This innovative technique requires specific training of several weeks and a minimum experience of one to two years to master it. The technician works with very specific tools specially designed for this purpose, the aim being to straighten the impact by exerting multiple small pressures at the back of it.
This technique therefore requires a skilful mix of dexterity and strength metering, so as not to burst paint and varnish. Since the sheet metal and the paint have elastic properties, all the art of the art consists in pressing with its two parameters without exceeding the limit.

Advantages of the “DSP”
• Very short intervention time: 15 to 30 minutes for an intervention on a door impact within a few hours to repair a hail vehicle.
• Since the intervention time is short, the vehicle’s standstill time is also short.
• Repairs are carried out on site.
• The technique retains the original paint, so its qualities are preserved (several different colors on the same vehicle). The finish of the work is therefore perfect because no body fault.
• The cost of repair is about 40% less than the traditional body.
• The process is environmentally friendly: cold working without using chemicals (primers, mastics, paint, solvent) and no energy consumption, apart from neon to better see the deformations of the bodywork.

Here, through these explanations, the advantages related to the "DSP". Nowadays, this technique is becoming more widespread in Europe.